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Epoxy Flake Garage Floors, be the envy of your neighborhood!

If your like most guys, we love our garages... it's a man thing to spend evenings in a space we can call our own. Well guys, it's time to take your garage space to the next level with an Epoxy Flake floor by Artistic Concrete Transformations. Not only is the floor functional and beautiful, it is guaranteed to make your garage the envy of the neighborhood! There are many reasons to make the investment but let's start with the main reasons.

1. Durability

Epoxy Flake Floors provide a rubber-like coating that protects the concrete from

the elements including salt, dirt, water, oil and other common garage chemicals.

2. Functionality

Epoxy floors and known for their ease of clean-up, the surface will not allow liquids,

dirt or dust to penetrate and spills, dirt and dust are just a mop swipe away from a

brilliant shine.

3. Resale Value

Epoxy floors not only add beauty, the increase the overall resale value of your home.

4. Slip Resistance

In your garage, traction is a higher priority for most people knowing there is moisture

often present after rain & snow. The functionality of the polymer flake used in epoxy

coating systems is key. The texture created by the layering of these chips provides an

orange-peel like surface that allows for sufficient friction from shoes, bare feet, and

tires to allow much more slip-resistance than bare concrete.

5. Repairs and hides Ugly Damaged Concrete

Our grind and fill process will eliminate those ugly concrete cracks and we can even

level out minor humps and areas where the concrete has heaved up.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know the many benefits, it's time to sit down with the wife and simply explain to her that this is an investment in your home and perhaps your relationship. She will probably appreciate all the extra time she has to herself as your new garage space lovingly draws you to the garage nightly, not to work but to simply admire the beauty. Ok maybe I am being a bit sarcastic here but really, an Epoxy Polymer Flake Floor truly is a great investment.

Call today for a free, no obligation quote. 419-348-8124 or click

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