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Extreme Garage Makeover, Father's Day Edition...

Well once again here we are just a few days away from Father's Day, have you gotten that special man, husband or father in your life, something for this year? Perhaps Father's day is a day that you "Treat Yourself" to something special. Either way, make this year extra special by having Artistic Concrete Transformations take your boring and outdated garage and do an EXTREME MAKEOVER...

At Artistic, we have several options to style your garage to match your likes and needs. SHOWN above is our newest product, PVC interlocking tiles that takes the time required to transform your garage to a minimum. Unlike Epoxy Floors, contents can be moved from section to section as the floor is laid. These rugged tiles can be styled in a variety of colors, patterns and themes and Artistic can even finish off the project with custom garage cabinetry and storage solutions.

For those who still like the look and style of polymer flake epoxy floors, Artistic Concrete Transformations will always offer the highest quality, most competitively priced Epoxy Floors that can even have logos, names and images sealed under the clear epoxy topcoat. This option is exclusive to epoxy floors and will make your garage the envy of the neighborhood.

Epoxy also offers other benefits that will make your investment smart and beautiful.

Epoxy offers a sealed layer of protection to your concrete, protecting it from water, oil, salt and other harsh chemicals that can damage a eat away at concrete over time.

Now, back to Father's day... while we probably won't be able to have that father's day surprise waiting for your hubby this upcoming sunday, we can get that process started with a FREE quote... and if you ask we might even send it in a Happy Father's Day Card. Well, on second thought, that could be confusing and weird so we will leave the cards and candy up to you and we will stick to what we know best... Providing beautiful epoxy floors for your garage, home or business!

We have tons of photos, options and information available on our website at: and we are always available by phone at 419-348-8124

Happy Father's Day!

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