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  • Stained Concrete

  • Protective Color Flakes

  • Polished Concrete

  • Stamp Restore

  • Metallic Marble Stain

  • Tuscan Slate

We Provide:

About Us, Company Bio

My name is Mark Ferguson and I am the owner of Artistic Concrete Transformations. My company is a full service concrete restoration and repair company that TRANSFORMS concrete into brand new and appealing surfaces. These transformations are a technical process that goes above and beyond what a typical “painter” or garage coatings service would provide. Although we may handle a garage now and then, our mission is to totally transform concrete into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing surface that will reward the client for a life time.

I have been involved in the home improvement services industry for ten years now, with most of it in concrete in some form or another. I have witnessed some rough looking and poor quality work and actually replaced it on occasion. I am affiliated with a national industry supplier, who has been distributing decorative materials for the past ten years. I assist that company in teaching and training new and seasoned artisans in decorative techniques on a monthly basis.

Prior to my experience in decorative concrete I spent my early career advancing through management level positions with fortune 100 companies in operations management working in positions such as Operations Specialist, Merchandising Director, Human Resources Director, etc. . I am one of those individuals who has been blessed (some might say cursed) with a high degree of creativity and analytically thinking. Therefore I enjoy making a science out of an art and servicing our clients in a way that will produce their desired outcome.

Best regards,

Mark Ferguson


CEO Mark Ferguson
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