Industrial Epoxy 
Artistic Concrete Transformations can provide you with the custom blend and finish to achieve the coating that fits your unique needs. Our specialist can find the right product to provide a dense surface resistant to bacteria and moisture and thats easy to clean. We can also choose products that are resistant to chemicals, oils etc.  Additives can be used to provide reflective properties, anti-slip and more.  Call us today to discuss the many factors that are crucial to installing a lasting industrial epoxy floor. 

Solid Color Epoxy 
While a vast majority of industrial epoxy jobs are solid color epoxy finishes,  there are situations where a color flake job with a special epoxy blend would be applicable.   
Animal Shelters, Commercial kitchen, Pharmaceutical industry, Pulp & Paper, Pool, Garage, Bakeries, Breweries, Food & Brevage, Operating Rooms, Kitchens, Laboratories, Meat Processing, Commercial areas, Light industry, Heavy industry, Metal industry, Warehouses, Wastewater Treatment, Light Manufacturing, Balconies, Traffic Decks, Mechanical Rooms, Secondary containment, Chemical Processing, Dairies, Electronics
Applications Where Epoxy is Ideal

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