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Penetrating Sealer to Protect & Keep Concrete Looking New

We provide a Wash and Seal service that will deep clean and prepare concrete for a penetrating sealer that will eliminate many concrete problems.


  • Does Not Change the Appearance or Texture

  • Makes Your Concrete Easier to Clean

  • Protects From Damaging Road Salts, Ice, and Water Damage

Besides the obvious damage caused by salt & ice melting chemicals, there are plenty of other bad things that are damaging it right now (lawn fertilizer, oil, gas, anti-freeze, UV rays, rain containing high amounts of nitric & sulfuric acids.  YOU NEED TO PROTECT YOUR CONCRETE WITH THE PENETRATING SEALER.

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In this video we cleaned and sealed half of this concrete retaining pool then throw a bucket of water onto the surface to show the hydrophobic properties of the treated side.  The treated surface appears to stay dry since the water cannot penetrate the surface of the concrete.

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At Artistic we carefully powerwash and deep clean your surface using a self contained scrubber. This keeps the debris from flying onto your home and property. The dirt is literally pulled out of the pores of the concrete. This perfectly prepares your concrete so that dirt and debris will not keep the concrete from absorbing the penetrating sealer.

Concrete Sealer
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