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Artistic Concrete Transformations is a full service concrete restoration and repair company that TRANSFORMS concrete into brand new and appealing surfaces. These transformations are a technical process that goes above and beyond what a typical “painter” or garage coatings service would provide. Although we may handle a garage now and then, our mission is to totally transform concrete into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing surface that will reward the client for a lifetime.

Concrete Reimagined...


Power trowels have revolutionized the concrete polishing process, making it faster and easier to achieve a smooth, glossy finish similar to marble. This type of trowel is equipped with blades that rotate in a circular motion, powered by either an electric motor or a gasoline engine. Traditionally the power trowel was designed to smooth fresh concrete that was just placed. Modern innovation has now allowed for new tools to be used under the blades after the concrete has cured. This new process is an effective and efficient tool for continued smoothing and polishing large concrete surfaces, such as industrial floors. The blades rotate at high speeds, able to eliminate all imperfections, resulting in an even, glossy finish. It also reduces labor costs, completing the job in a fraction of the time compared to traditional machinery. Moreover, it is able to buff the concrete to a high shine that is extremely durable, easy to clean, and maintain.

The Art of Power Trowels, Concrete Transformed to a Marble-Like Finish.


Laser Flat Concrete Polishing


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At Artistic we take a "repair" approach to everything we do. Simply put, up to 80% of the work we do on a job site is generally repair. The reason for this is simple, concrete is more fragile than one might think.

Assisting in your design needs then transforming your concrete into a one of a kind work of art. Creating beautiful designs takes a combination of artistic aptitude and understanding of the science of how concrete is made.

As with repair, the key to protection of concrete is to make an educated assessment of the best materials according to the condition of the concrete. As concrete  has a breathing and respiring nature it is important to learn how to use this information. 

Decorative Concrete Services We Offer
From the wild to the mild, let Artistic Concrete Transformations design a surface that will beautify and protect for a lifetime.  We specialize in industrial concrete and offer extremely competitive pricing with our satisfaction guarantee.

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